Coconut Mojito

Make and share this Coconut Mojito recipe from

Author: Kitchen Witch Steph

Purple Margarita

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Author: Julie Bs Hive

Asian Pear Mojito

From the website Drink it! This is supposed to be a copycat of P.F. Chang's. I multiplied this recipe by 16 and made it in a large plastic pitcher. I brought it to a party and just added the club soda...

Author: cookiedog

Quick Lemonade or Limeade

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Author: -------

Cinnamon Cappuccino Weight Watchers

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Author: internetnut

Burger King Style Iced Mocha Coffee Drink

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Author: Andtototoo

Cranberry Liqueur (Light)

I have made this for Christmas and also for Summer parties - it is delicious! It keeps in the fridge for up to a year (as I am writing this, I am having a sip of my liqueur I prepared for Easter - and...

Author: Redsie

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coolatta

Due to reviews I made the chocolate and hazelnut syrups optional, but if you don't add either you may have to add some extra vanilla. Torani Hazelnut syrup is recommended Todd Wilbur- TSR

Author: Michelle_My_Belle

Cubanito Cuban Bloody Mary

You can enjoy this version of Bloody Mary while seated on the veranda of Hotel Presidente in Havana or even easier, make it at home. This recipe is a tropical twist to the traditional Bloody Mary. From...

Author: cookiedog

Ginger Cinnamon Tea

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Author: janem123

Pickled Mushrooms (Canned)

I was looking for a recipe for pickled mushrooms that tasted like the ones you buy in the grocery or liquor store. The type used in cocktails. Came across this one from Morton Salt. I haven't tried it...

Author: Bonnie Young

Texas Tumbleweed

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Author: Its all good

Cinnamon Tea (Korea)

This recipe was found in the 2005 cookbook, The Best Recipes in the World. Preparation time does not include the time needed for the tea to chill.

Author: Sydney Mike

Mr. Funk's Punch

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Author: donna_gci

Hot Spiced Cider

Found this in a magazine from our local newspaper, posted here for safe keeping. Haven't tried yet. This is made in a coffee pot! Note: yields are approximate.

Author: Shannon 24

Copycat Applebees Peach Sangria

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Author: PalatablePastime

Coffee Mate Style Homemade Liquid Coffee Creamer

A few drops will do you or so they say. If you have other flavors you have developed, feel free to let me know and I will be happy to add them to the list.

Author: Broke Guy

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Mix Gift

This is an AWESOME gift for anyone at Christmas time. You can package it in single serving bags and give away with a pretty mug or in a large pretty jar fit for a family. This has been a hit anytime I've...

Author: Melanie B.

Dirty Shirley

This is my favorite drink when I go out. Basically a Shirley Temple, with Vodka. Have to call it dirty since I fixed it up a bit:-)

Author: Daydasa

Batida Maracuja

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Author: Boomette

Dr. Pat's Hot Toddy Cold Remedy

Okay, so our family doctor suggested this instead of prescription cough syrup for relieving the cold symptoms of the ADULTS in our family (he of course, did NOT suggest it as a CURE). He says the whisky...

Author: Sooz Cooks

Diamonds are Forever (Martini)

Based on a recipe from Ray Foley's the Ultimate Little Martini Book containing over 1000 martini recipes.

Author: mersaydees


------White chocolate, coconut milk and aromatic citrus and spice combine with coffee to create a drink that is warming, rich and decadent. In brief - a winner! An added plus - if you're lactose intolerant...

Author: evelynathens

Cojito (Mojito W/Coconut Rum)

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Author: Bev I Am

Instant Café Au Lait

Everytime you drink this instead of buying coffee from the local coffee shop, you save $2 to $3 bucks. Thanks to the Hillbilly Housewife for this one!

Author: Little Old Me

Turkish Apple Tea

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Lemon Syrup

This is a simple and wonderful recipe! Use to make drinks, add to cakes, or make Lemon Mint Spritzers and Lemon Royales! Adapted from Food & Wine magazine(2002)

Author: Sharon123

Korean Ginger Tea

From spicy is not your thing,don't boil it for that long.Just a little simmer to get it just the way you like it.Koreans eat very spicy food so I'm not surprised by boiling it for...

Author: littlemafia

Christmas Cocoa

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Author: Lavender Lynn

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

The perfect drink for a hot summers day! Refreshing and healthy! I got this from Baby Center, a pregnancy site. This is a Cuban and a Northeastern recipe.

Author: Sharon123

Coffee Crisp

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Author: Alia55

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

Very close to the real thing. This recipe is amazing. I became obsessed with the real thing but at $5 a pop I deicided that I needed to find a cheaper alternative. So I went on the search for the recipe...

Author: Nikki C.

Glühwein (Non Alcoholic Version)

This is a non-alcoholic version of German Gluhwein that most German families traditionally serve at Christimastime.

Author: Northwestgal


I had this over the holidays and I must say they are so easy to make and taste wonderful. This doesn't have to be a holiday drink, but would be terrific summer spritzer too. If you like Cranberry Juice...

Author: Vseward Chef-V

Dust Cutters

One of my father's favorites - from the Beefsteak Mining Company. I use the frozen orange juice and lemonade in cans so I can reuse the cans for measuring everything else.

Author: Tendoy5

Cuban Mojitos

My DH and I had these for the first time while in Puerta Rico. Be sure to make fresh and not use a bottled mix. Addictive!


Watermelon Gin Fizz

Recipe from Eating Well magazine and it is simply divine! So summery and fruity, yet not overly sweet. You can definitely make this non-alcoholic by simply omitting the gin. They also recommend this pretty...

Author: januarybride

Best Ever Hot Cocoa Mix

White chocolate is the ingredient that provides a soft, creamy texture to this hot cocoa mix that's rich and chocolaty...and ready in less than five minutes. Recipe by Jeremy Sauer.


Quick Lemonade for One Guilt Free!

With all the lemons on our tree, I've been craving lemonade, but knew I couldn't have any on my diet. I bought some Sucralose sugar substitute and was pleased with how well it worked for lemonade.

Author: puppitypup

Best Ever Cosmo

wonderful cocktail- so easy! I use the "lakewood" fresh pressed premium cranberry juice -- 100% all natural juice- the best-- a must for the perfect delish cosmo!

Author: petlover

Climax Explosion

I think the name says it all- a delightful mixed drink with a bit of everything but the kitchen sink!!Paradise Mango Rum liqueur is slightly different from your traditional mango rum as this has the appearance...

Author: Mommy Diva

Coco Loco (Royal Caribbean's Version)

A fruity frozen drink from Oceans Potions: Royal Carribean Cocktail Recipe Book. This was my favorite drink to have poolside on our last cruise.

Author: januarybride

Scooby Snack

Got this recipe online. Of course the name attracted me, but when I read the ingredients, I had to try it.

Author: seesko

The Easiest 3 Ingredient Non Dairy Coconut Coffee Creamer

It couldn't be easier to create homemade non-dairy coffee creamer right in your own kitchen. All you need are 3 simple whole-food ingredients + 5 minutes and you're there!

Author: Kare for Kitchen Treaty

Mcdonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee

This is the basic recipe for McDonald's iced coffee. NOTE: We use Dunkin Donuts coffee beans (available at most supermarkets in the USA now) we ground at the store and brewed in a French press. If you...

Author: sjones8295

Turkish Tea

These are in fact sun dried limes. In Persian the same name is used for limes and lemons (limoo). Lemon would be called "limoo zard" (yellow lime). So when they translate, they call both limes and lemons...

Author: Stacia_

White Peach Sangria

This is my adaptation of a drink served at Applebees. It is so easy and cheap. The recipe I wrote is for a single 10-oz drink, but feel free to adapt to make a pitcher (or two :-) The brands don't really...

Author: piranhabriana

Hot Spiced Cider

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Cuba Libre

Ironically, this Latin favorite called "Cuba libre" literally translates to "free Cuba" in English. Some refer to it as "la mentirita", which means "the small lie". Salud! Recipe from Shortcuts to 100...

Author: Charlotte J

Flor De Cana Seersucker

Think that seersucker is a lackluster fabric donned by stuffy southern elite and wealthy beachcombers? Think again! Today, Seersucker is seeing a major resurgence; becoming a favorite of celebrities, designers,...

Author: dkatzdgc