Comeback Sauce

Creamy, savory, tangy, and sweet Southern-style sauce and dip that originated in a Greek restaurant in Mississippi. It's delicious on french fries, chicken tenders, onion rings, shrimp, crab, fish tacos,...

Author: lutzflcat

Memphis Rub

This zesty rub will bring out the best in ribs and other meats. Try it on chicken!

Author: ALIKAT695

Injection Marinade for Pork

This is an all-purpose injection to add to any pork loin, butt, or shoulder meat. You can adjust the measurement amounts to your liking. Keep in mind that pork tends to be a saltier type of meat by itself....

Author: Julie Gilbert

Cilantro Lime Dressing

I wanted to reproduce the cilantro lime dressing from el Pollo Loco®. I have been on a poblano pepper kick lately, so here is my version.

Author: Isabel

Big Al's K.C. Bar B Q Sauce

This is a Kansas City-style sauce that I make in my restaurant. It is sweet and smoky with a little bite.

Author: Alan Arthur

Lemon Dressing

This is an Australian recipe for lemony salad dressing. Substitute fresh lemon thyme or 2 teaspoons lemon juice for lemon peel if you'd rather not use fresh peel.

Author: Louise from Australia

Garbage Plate Sauce


Author: trishwa77

Cucumber Gyro Sauce

This sauce has an authentic flavor and is easy to make. You don't need any exotic ingredients. This is made with sour cream. You can chill as little as an hour before using, but overnight is best.

Author: Kerry G

Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

A simple recipe that tastes great as a topping on vanilla ice cream or pancakes.

Author: Shalaine_1

Chipotle Aioli (Spicy)

Great on chicken or tuna sandwiches, or as a dip.

Author: David Miller Lowe

Date Syrup


Author: Rita

Cranberry, Apple, and Fresh Ginger Chutney

This piquant chutney is not as sweet as traditional cranberry sauce. The bite of the fresh ginger will become more pronounced as the chutney rests. If you have any left after Thanksgiving, try it in turkey...

Author: foodelicious

The Best Caesar Salad Dressing

I have been working with chefs for years and found out how to make the best Caesar dressing. I thought I would share!

Author: Patricia K


You can use this lightly spiced butter on almost anything, especially bread, pancakes or waffles.

Author: sal

Homemade Pickled Ginger (Gari)

Pickled ginger is called gari or amazu shoga in Japanese. It's served with sushi or sashimi and eaten between different kinds of sushi. It helps to clean your taste buds and enhance the flavors. It's also...

Author: Phoena

Simple Sweet and Sour Sauce

This is a simple sweet and sour sauce with nice depth of flavor. You can use it for marinating chicken and pork or for a dipping sauce. Goes great with meatballs for something a little different. For a...


Coconut Syrup

A simple and delicious coconut syrup. Try it over banana or mango pancakes for a tropical delight.

Author: Hunter StClaire

Big Bob Gibson's White BBQ Sauce Copycat

This is not the EXACT recipe. However, it is hard to tell the difference in taste! Adjust the ratios to make the spice and/or consistency to what your taste buds prefer. Great for BBQ, drizzled on shrimp...

Author: sanjose_hockey

Easy Tomato Sauce

Easy and yummy tomato sauce with few ingredients. Tasty.

Author: Lima

Pickled Asparagus

Use the freshest asparagus for best color. These make great appetizers or garnishes. They look so pretty all 'canned up'!

Author: Behr

Pectin Free Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

A sweet, tart, simple-to-make taste of summer that can be enjoyed year-round...with no added pectin.

Author: yankeeinthesouth

Easy Onion Jam

This is an easy onion jam that is incredibly versatile. It enhances anything from rice or barley dishes to spreading on a piece of bread. Great accompaniment to chicken as well. You can substitute sherry...

Author: Adam Schiff

Easy Tzatziki Sauce

Quick and easy!

Author: Jake176

Curried Banana Sauce

Goes well with fish or chicken, or even over rice as a side dish. Delicious!

Author: trixie

Strawberry Fig Preserves

Everyone thinks these are strawberry preserves. No one has a clue they are made with figs! You can even use different flavors of gelatin like peach or raspberry. Since this recipe makes so little, you...

Author: Paula

Quick and Easy Salad Dressing

This is my favorite dressing of all time and I usually make a largish batch and store in the fridge - it is sweet and sharp and tastes especially great with bitter greens. The trick is to finely grate...

Author: barbara

Sauerkraut for Canning

Step-by-step directions for how to make and can your own sauerkraut.


Chipotle Dry Rub

This is a delicious dry rub that we use on ribs and sometimes chicken. Rub liberally on baby back ribs, chicken or short ribs, then throw the meat on the grill. You can substitute smoked paprika for regular...

Author: Kristen

Sweet Mustard Pickles

This makes a great condiment for sandwiches. My Grandmother made this when I was a boy and I have it on a sandwich nearly every day.

Author: matt

Chili Lime Vinaigrette Dressing

I got this recipe from a lady who always serves it with a grilled salmon and leafy greens salad, using feta crumbles, red onions, and carrots. If you don't want it as spicy, you can cut back on the red...

Author: Amanda Sheumaker

Cranberry Chutney I

Fragrant and chunky cranberry sauce. Perfect for spooning over Turkey Tenderloins.

Author: Christine L.

World's Best Pasta Sauce!

Well, my Lasagna has become quite popular, and I think the sauce from that makes amazing meat sauce as well. So I thought I would post it by its self.

Author: John Chandler

Lamb Kabob Marinade

Middle Eastern kabob marinade. Can be used with lamb, beef, pork, or chicken.

Author: Senad

Tropical Salad with Pineapple Vinaigrette

An easy salad to make with a bag of salad greens, pineapple, bacon bits, nuts and toasted coconut. Use fresh pineapple, if you can, and substitute toasted almonds for the macadamia nuts, if desired.

Author: Marianne G

Lime Pickles

They go really will with ham. Can't keep them on the shelf. They are worth the wait.

Author: ED

Best Vodka Sauce

Friends will think they are in a five-star restaurant and that you slaved for hours. That'll be our secret.

Author: J. Lynn

Easy Vodka Sauce

This is a great and simple sauce to make. Tastes delicious over any pasta! I especially love it with lobster ravioli.


Bechamel Sauce

A creamy classic - your standard white sauce!

Author: Holly

Fermented Kosher Style Dill Pickles

These old-fashioned deli-style pickles are created entirely by fermentation, without the use of vinegar. This recipe produces a quantity that fills a half-gallon Mason jar. If you like, add a few non-traditional...

Author: Doug in Manhattan

Classic Pesto

Fresh basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese combine for a classic pesto recipe that's prepared in just minutes. Serve over 1 pound of pasta.

Author: happywife05

Tasteful Tahini Salad Dressing

I hate mayo, but I love hummus and tahini. People are always asking for the recipe. The tahini gives it a Middle Eastern feel and the lemon, garlic, and ginger flavors really give it a kick! Easy to make,...

Author: Matt Sandler

Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese

This herb and cheese spread is great on crackers, sandwiches when bored with mayo and mustard, or tucked into beef Wellington! It's so much cheaper to make it than buy it.

Author: Lisa Mayer Kaelblein

Buttery Alfredo Sauce


Author: Crystal R. Ward

Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

This is a super sweet and spicy BBQ sauce with fruit that my family and I found in Mexico last Christmas. Try it over grilled tuna like we did, or experiment with chicken or ribs. I have also served this...

Author: Allyson Blok Kulinski

Citrus Steak Marinade

This a great steak marinade that has citrus and spice flavoring. The sugar will burn quickly on the grill so be mindful of the time the steak is on the grill.

Author: Alan

Pear Vinaigrette


Author: Jill Tall

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

Nice compliment to salmon, chicken, and pork. Can also be used as a sandwich spread or a dipping sauce for pretzels.

Author: Holly

Malaguena Lemon and Dill Vinaigrette

A full-flavored, tangy dressing to complement any seafood and/or accompanying side dish. Dressing is ready immediately, but giving it 30 minutes for the flavors to blend is ideal.

Author: Anonymous

The Best Natural Peach Jam or Filling

This peach jam uses only real ingredients, no store-bought pectin. The apple provides natural pectin (especially the seeds and peel) and gives the jam a nice, firm consistency. The color is beautiful,...

Author: TexasJG

Instant Pot® Ribs from Frozen

These ribs start from a frozen state, so dinner can be made without planning ahead. Each rib portion should have 3 to 4 ribs. I use a spice called "Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning" from Savory Spice...

Author: thedailygourmet