Macayo's Baja Sauce

Just like they serve at the restaurant! Great over chimichangas! I usually cut it in half or even 1/4.

Author: Elaniemay

Basic Creamy Cheese Sauce

This is a basic cheese sauce that you can spruce up with any herbs or spices you may like. I like this sauce with baked potatoes.

Author: queenbeatrice

The Best Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Ever. Period.

When I found my Taste of Home magazine in my mailbox, I was excited to try this slow cooker recipe for "Stamp of Approval Spaghetti Sauce" Orginally submitted by Melissa Taylor of Higley AZ. This sauce...

Author: Amanda

Dill Pickle Salsa

This is one out of my recipe files from Gourmet class. We had to come up with something "different". What's more different than salsa made with a dill pickle? But, it is good, even if I do say so myself....

Author: Redneck Epicurean

Citrus Butter Sauce


Author: diner524

CopyCat Tony Packo's Coney Island Hotdog Chili Sauce

Found this recipe online, someone had talked to someone at Tony Packo's to get info on their sauce, and the right way to serve it up!

Author: soveria

Cilantro Aioli

Versatile & tasty topping for crab cakes, prawns or chicken. Don't make too much ahead of serving as the cilantro flavour will get quite intense.

Author: Debi9400

Zydeco Sauce

Great sauce for cheeseburgers or dipping fries. Try this on a Reuben! Wow! Recipe was created by George Graham, from Lafayette, LA. He was a finalist in the $50,000 Sutter Home Build A Better Burger Contest...

Author: Penny Stettinius

King's Inn Tartar Sauce/Seafood Sauce

There is a very famous restaurant in Baffin Bay, Texas (East of Riviera, Texas), called King's Inn. The specialties of the house are sliced avocado salad, onion rings, shrimp, and their tartar sauce/seafood...

Author: Stellacaster

Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce

Make and share this Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce recipe from

Author: YummySmellsca

Raspberry Ice Cream Sundae Sauce

You can use this sauce for everything! From drizzling over cheesecake, cream puffs or pound cake- to ice cream, chocolate souffles or swirled into a vanilla souffle right before you bake it. You can also...

Author: Bev I Am

Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch

Make and share this Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch recipe from

Author: Concrete Gardener

Polish Tartar Sauce

Very zippy and flavorful. This is what I ended up with when I had a recipe in a Polish cookbook with choices of ingredients but no amounts. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Use to garnish...

Author: Engrossed

Uncle Lou's Sweet Spicy Love

Make and share this Uncle Lou's Sweet Spicy Love recipe from

Author: mightyro_cooking4u

Yaya's Salsa Blanca (White Sauce)

The most versatile cream sauce! It is great on it's own or as a base, which can be easily be jazzed up by adding chunks of smoked salmon, grated cheese, or carmelized onions - yum! It is perfect for pasta...

Author: KosherT

Best and Simple Authentic Salsa

My friends mother showed me how to make this salsa recipe and it is so simple, so easy and so delicious!

Author: jamesrmoreno

Champagne Mustard

I LOVE mustard and this one is really good. Both sweet and tangy it's great with just about everything. It's really easy to make the microwave!

Author: Marney

Cornmeal Gravy

this a good tasting gravy to put over your homemade biscuits or fry bread or whatever you prefer it to be for.

Author: Chef Otaktay

Spicy Pineapple Sauce

This sauce can be used with chicken, meat, fish or even with baked beans. I usually double the recipe as I want to have some on hand in the freezer.

Author: Chef Dudo

Drunken Cranberry Sauce

This is my absolute favorite cranberry sauce recipe. I grew up eating the cranberries out of the can (or should I say avoiding them completely because they're pointless), and then I discovered there's...

Author: AmyZoe

Big Mac Sauce

Make and share this Big Mac Sauce recipe from

Author: Broke Guy

Dijon Dill Sauce

Make and share this Dijon Dill Sauce recipe from

Author: Elly in Canada

Chicken Finger Dipping Sauce

Also, you may salt to taste. Since this recipe seems to have dissapointed so many, I've changed the name to protect the innocent.

Author: gailanng

Whopper Sauce

Make and share this Whopper Sauce recipe from

Author: CheffieWhite

Easy Cream Sauce

This sauce is so quick and delicious! It can accompany any meat, fish or veggie medley! It's so rich, noone would know it was so cheap.

Author: Angelic1

My Restaurant Style Salsa Small Batch

This recipe is adapted from The Pioneer Woman's blog recipe. Everyone who has tried this salsa absolutely loves it. It is close to my Enough For A Superbowl Party Salsa only a much smaller amount. I think...

Author: dawnie2u

Salsa No Cilantro

Make and share this Salsa No-Cilantro recipe from

Author: sctdvdltl


My grandma has used this recipe since she was a little girl. It makes a very good, rich pudding to use in cream pies, trifles, or just for eating. If you want to reduce the richness substitute some of...

Author: MsLizze

Best Lebanese Garlic Sauce (By Kay)

Last fall when leaving the U.S. to return home, we stopped-over in Minneapolis for a family mini-reunion w/my Aunt, Uncle, their 7 children + various grandchildren I had not seen in 18+ yrs or even met...

Author: twissis

Easy Root Beer Glaze

This is wonderful on ham! Use as a side sauce at the table for guest to flavor to their taste! I found this recipe in our local newspaper in 2005

Author: KGCOOK

Curried Béchamel

Make and share this Curried Béchamel recipe from

Author: Love6381

Authentic Thai Peanut Sauce

This is a quick and delicious thai peanut sauce that can be used for dipping satay, fresh spring rolls, deep fried tofu, or really anything. I originally found it on the website and then...

Author: BusyBeeHoneyBee

Cinnamon Apricot Ice Cream Topping

Why buy ice cream topping when it is so quick and easy to make your own? I almost always have a spare 10 minutes and these ingredients on hand. This is suitable for children because bringing the mixture...

Author: Leggy Peggy

Classic Alfredo Sauce

This is my daughter's recipe. When I need a break from making supper, I ask her to make her Alfredo sauce. I can't imagine ever buying a package of Alfredo sauce ever again. This one is just too good!

Author: Tykayles

Creamed Horseradish

Adapted from "Girlfriend Getaways" magazine. It calls for 1 Tbs of horseradish and 1Tbs of "Atomic Horseradish", available at

Author: MsPia

The Simplest Tomato Sauce Ever (Marcella Hazan)

In its very simplicity lie the secrets. This sauce is incredible. It has 3 ingredients, and no chopping. The amateurgourmet calls it Marcella Hazan's CRAZY tomato sauce. This is not your thick pasty sauce,...

Author: MarraMamba

Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce

An exciting combination of "Sweet n Heat" in a dipping sauce for finger food. The flavor of the orange & ginger really come through before the heat comes to the party. Grilled or fried wings tossed in...

Author: Captain_67

Steak and Shake Special Sauce

This is exactly Steak and Shake's Special Sauce that they serve over their Chili Mac. I make Chili Mac with recipe #27171 and it is wonderful. Cook time is refrigerator time.

Author: mandabears

Spicy Chili Aioli

Originally inspired by a local sushi restaurant, I went through a number of different aioli recipes until I finally found a basic combination of ingredients, all of which have become the foundation for...

Author: jpknight22

Melba Sauce

A versatile raspberry sauce. Can be used in Peach Melba, Raspberry Fool, or even drizzled over a piece of pound cake. **Tips below.

Author: Debbwl

Asian Plum Sauce for Canning

This is a sweet and sour condiment. Use it in Chinese cuisine as a dip for deep-fried dishes, such as spring rolls, egg rolls, pork, noodles, and deep-fried tofu as well as for roast duck or chicken. It...

Author: Rita1652

Sassy Sauce

Make and share this Sassy Sauce recipe from

Author: Lucky.Wife

Chuy's Deluxe Tomatillo Sauce

I love Chuy's restaurant, and everything I order, burritos, enchiladas, or chili rellenos, I order with this sauce! I've even covered cheap, frozen burritos with it, and made them (almost) good! This is...

Author: Belinda in Austin

Green Enchilada Sauce

Great mild sauce. Primarily used on enchiladas but may be used in any Mexican Dish calling for a green sauce. It goes especially well with pulled pork.

Author: Chef_Lanfear

The Best Homemade Chicago Pizza Sauce Ever!

Being from Chicago, I've tasted a lot of different pizza sauces. (Pizza capital of the world!) Everyone that's had my pizza says they love my sauce. Try it once. You'll be hooked!! The best thing about...

Author: rothiii

Red Onion Marmalade

Got this out of the local paper. It is so good! You could use it on almost anything. It goes great on grilled cheese too! I'm not sure how many servings it makes.

Author: WI Cheesehead

Outback Steakhouse Rack of Lamb Cabernet Sauce

Make and share this Outback Steakhouse Rack of Lamb Cabernet Sauce recipe from

Author: TxGriffLover

Chevys Fresh Mex Salsa

I am saving this recipe here for safe keeping until I can try it. Chevy's is my favorite mexican restaurant. Their salsa is the best. I found this on another web site. If you try it before I do let me...

Author: children from A to Z

Ginger Miso Dipping Sauce

This dipping sauce is from Favorite Island Cookery Book I. It is a sauce to accompany fried tofu. This recipes calls for 1/4 teaspoon of Ajinomoto (MSG) but I always leave it out.

Author: ellestrange

Simple Au Jus Gravy

An easy, cheap and quick version of the gravy used for French Dip Subs. No need to buy those expensive dry mix packets anymore!

Author: Jess_FinsUp