Egyptian Barley Bread

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Author: Chocolatl

Baked Yeast Doughnuts

These doughnuts are light, fluffy, pillows of joy. I was looking for a recipe for baked doughnuts that are fluffy and soft liked the fried version and these are it. From Tartelette blog, this is what she...

Author: valgal123

Easy Southern Corn Fritters

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Author: Maggie

Brenda's Sweet Hush Puppies

I first had these when Buddha first took me to his family's fishing spot on the lake. His Aunt Brenda makes these often. I loathed hush puppies before these. Always thought them dry and bland. Not these!...

Author: 2Bleu

Zucchini Nut Bread

Only the best zucchini nut bread you have ever tasted in your life! Another (1 of the 3) recipes I was given as a bridal shower gift from a dear friend. I wouldn't dream of testing another zucchini bread...

Author: JosieMo

Cinnamon Banana Bread

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Author: Leanne

Easy Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks

Word of advice - so easy, so cheesy, so good, but you should only make these bread sticks when surrounded by plenty of people to help you eat them. Otherwise, you may end up eating all by yourself and...

Author: Chef Jessica 87

Low Carb Pizza Crust

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Author: brooks_vogel

Barefoot Contessa's Blueberry Crumb Cake

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Author: Juenessa

Cranberry Crumb Cake

The perfect dessert for late fall, when fresh cranberries are plentiful. From Good Food Magazine October 1988

Author: JackieOhNo

Simple Apple Coffee Cake

I have been making this recipe for years and have received many requests for the recipe. Source: Five Roses Flour Cookbook - which is one of my favourite recipe books. Prepare the topping first.

Author: Elly in Canada

Cherry Cheese Danish

This is an awesome dessert...reminds me of cherry-topped cheesecake, but MUCH easier to make:) Every time I take this dessert to a party, I ALWAYS get asked for the recipe (I just take a few copies with...

Author: Manda

Cheese Waffles

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Author: Mimi Bobeck

Dinner Muffins

This is a delicious muffin recipe. My children LOVE the jam on top as an extra treat. My husband enjoys these muffins as well although he prefers to omit the jam for a nice slice of butter. They are also...

Author: UltimaMommy

German Rye Bread With Caraway Seeds

Enjoy the rich dark taste of rye bread with this recipe for a traditional German loaf. Time does not include resting / rising.

Author: English_Rose

Cornbread Patties

My mom's recipe that she finally measured and wrote down the ingredients. You can't get any more Southern than this! Patties can be fried in bacon grease or vegetable oil, or a combination of both.

Author: PleasantNancy

Martha Stewart's Banana Nut Bread

I have been searching a LONG time and making MANY loaves of banana bread trying to find a light and fluffy (not dense and heavy) bread, and I finally found it! I think the sour cream has a lot to do with...

Author: Beaner 2


conventional west African fufu is made by boildin such starchy foods as cassava, yam, plantain or rice, then pounding them into a glutinous mass, usually in a giant, wooden mortar and pestle. This adaptation...

Author: mnmfarris

Blueberry Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins

These muffins are not only delicious, but very low in fat and heart-healthy. The oats and flaxseed meal add fiber and whole grains for a filling and delicious breakfast or snack, while the applesauce takes...

Author: smhage

Buffalo Chicken Flatbread Pizza

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Author: LilPinkieJ

Pie Filling Coffee Cake

You can use any kind of pie filling you prefer in this coffee cake. My mom always uses cherry, I use strawberry or apple. Please don't substitute other ingredients (i.e. wheat flour for white flour, etc.)...

Author: RSL5709

Blueberry, Zucchini and Banana Bread

This came from my "dibs and dabs" of ingredients that I need to use. I had two zucchini from my brother-in-law, two over ripe bananas and a pint of blueberries left over from another recipe. I liked bread...

Author: bfalck

Vanilla Pancakes

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Author: Chef Jeff Garland

Blue Ribbon Almond Bear Claws

Cool weather is coming & I adore a fresh bear claw with a steaming hot cup of coffee. When I came across this recipe I had to save it. From the Wichita Eagle, this blue ribbon winner at the Kansas State...

Author: Busters friend

Thin Pizza Crust

I'm a thin crust person and I found this on a web site (not sure which one). Very easy and bakes up crispy not soggy.

Author: Margo59

Gluten Free Soda Crackers

The store bought GF crackers just aren't that good and they're very expensive. I found this recipe somewhere on the internet. This recipe works best with a white rice flour blend.

Author: LARavenscroft

Country Ham on Biscuits

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Author: JackieOhNo

Garlic and Herb Bread (France)

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Author: Sydney Mike

Roasted Corn Salsa

A fabulous and trend setting salsa just right for tortilla chips or served as a complement to grilled, roasted, or sautéed meats or poultry. Category: Appetizers, Dips & Salsa Think Variety; Think Color:...

Author: karmakitchen gal

Sausage Cornbread Stuffing

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Author: chia2160

Mrs Powells Cinnamon Rolls (Copycat)

I got this recipe several years ago from a dear friend. I have used it almost exclusively ever since. It works great as cinnamon or orange rolls which ever you please. The key is to watch them closely...

Author: startnover

The Best Jiffy Cornbread

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Author: m_peaches07

Bread Machine Bread Bowls

I've been finding that making bread bowls can be tricky because if you let them rise too long, they tend to flatten out. Try to stick to the timing as best you can. Use the 2lb. setting on your machine...

Author: Axe1678

Cranberry Lemon Crumb Cake

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Author: grandma2969

Cornbread (Sweet & Moist)

A great corn bread goes well with lots of different dishes, especially chili. Our family likes it sweet, moist, and loaded with flavor. This recipe went through many stages of testing before finally becoming...

Author: Poppa

Chocolate Zucchini Banana Bread

I found this on another website and thought it sounded wonderful! I haven't tried it yet, but it combines some of my favorite things; plus it will help use up all the zucchini in my garden.

Author: MegLStein

Oat Bran Zucchini Muffins

These are moist, but not heavy. They are very easy. I use the food processor to chop the zucchini and measure the oil before the molasses so that the molasses just slides right out. I developed this recipe...

Author: eriley541

BBQ Biscuits

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Author: Joy Carter

Zucchini Pineapple Banana Bread

Moist and tender, this zucchini bread is sort of like a rich banana nut bread with sweet bits of pineapple throughout. Enjoy as an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee or tea. This zucchini pineapple banana...

Author: Lena Bretz

Low Carb Flax Flat Bread

A good bread replacement when doing a low carb diet. All of the carbohydrate in the flax meal is fiber. Plus flax is super good for you! Great as a sandwich, with jelly, or with some edamame hummus. This...

Author: purplebecca

Sun Dried Tomato and Olive Quick Bread

These breads keep well wrapped well in plastic wrap and foil, chilled for 1 week or frozen for 1 month.

Author: 2Bleu

Bojangles Biscuits

This is a great start to any meal! When dinner comes, you want to have more of these and take your dinner home.

Author: Starfire aka Wendy

Colombian Arepas

This is a quick way to prepare arepas. Not exactly the taste of the traditional arepa, but quite close enough. Arepas can also be topped with tuna salad, chicken, ham and cheese, sautéed tomatoes and...

Author: Witch Doctor

Blueberry Coffee Cake With Brown Sugar Topping

Easy to make and great for breakfast with tea or coffee. This is nice to make when you are craving blueberries but fresh berries are hard to find. I usually use about 1 to 1 1/2 cans pie filling but the...

Author: Lvs2Cook

Twisted Cheddar Rolls

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Author: Julie Bs Hive

Whole Wheat Pita Bread for Bread Machine

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Author: thee1Juliet

Sourdough Crumpets

A quick, easy way to use up your sourdough discard, which I always hate to throw out. I got this from the King Arthur website and we love it. You can use proper English muffin rings or clean tuna cans...

Author: Erin R.

Blueberry Cottage Cheese Muffins

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Author: blucoat

Country Apple Crumb Cake

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Author: eclairekat