Dylan Tomatilla And Zucchini Salsa


this is not salsa verde – no, this is a light, very chunky and unique salsa that the “healthy gals” (joggers) in my neighborhood wait for each year. the first time i made it, i was looking for a way to use up about a million tomatillos and zucchinis from the garden. this recipe turned out to be just what i was looking for. it took a week of tweaking but i finally got it down to a science and the local response was notable, to say the least. i never get to can any because the neighbors eat it up as fast as i can make it! it may require the addition of more vinegar for canning purposes – i don’t know because i’m somewhat inexperienced at canning things and so you’re on your own there. this “salsa” is named for my musical icon, the bard, bob dylan – i just know he would like it because it’s different. enjoy!

Time: 80 minutes


  • run the first 8 ingredients through the thin slicer of the food processor
  • transfer finished mix to a large bowl
  • take 1 / 4 of the mix of the 8 ingredients and puree it in the food processor along with the lime juice , parsley , vinegar , garlic powder and salt
  • mix the puree back in with the sliced veggies and add the diced jalapenas
  • mix with a spoon
  • transfer the salsa into pint jars , about 1 inch from the top , and supplement each jar with vegetable juice to near the top
  • put lids on and refrigerate before serving
  • salsa will keep for several days in refrigerator

dylan  tomatilla and zucchini  salsa image

Number Of Ingredients: 15


  1. yellow tomatoes
  2. cherry tomatoes
  3. green bell pepper
  4. yellow bell pepper
  5. zucchini
  6. sweet onion
  7. banana pepper
  8. tomatillos
  9. fresh parsley
  10. white wine vinegar
  11. garlic powder
  12. salt
  13. jalapenos
  14. limes, juice of
  15. v8 vegetable juice

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