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Chicken liver pate

elegant, easy appetizer.

Katz's chopped liver

this recipe comes from saveur maganize and is the liver spread served at katz's delicatessen in nyc's lower east side. it is more of a pate or spread than a chopped liver, but what's in a name? serve with...

Easy chicken liver pate

this is in response to a recipe request...haven't tried it yet, but i definitely will soon.

Chicken liver pate ii

here is a recipe for using chicken livers enjoy

Hungarian chicken livers

i used to eat at a wonderful hungarian restaurant that served this dish. this is my re-make. really good on rice.

Chicken liver mousse

an excellent appetizer served with toast point or crackers and a glass of boeujolais wine.

Dirty cajun pasta

if you've had the creamy chicken cajun pasta, it's time to get down and dirty and taste something even better.

Balsamic chicken livers

if you are reading this, then you probably like chicken livers! this recipe, however, may convert the

Maple glazed chicken livers

from the canadian cooking magazine ricardo. ricardo suggests serving with a rich pinot grigio from alsace.

Divine chicken liver pate

this has proved soooo popular over the years! it is so easy to make and the recipe makes quite a large quantity - just great for parties of any kind. delicious with warm toast or crackers. reeaalllly morish!...

Peri peri chicken livers

these tasty fried chicken livers with hot peri peri sauce are quick and easy to make and delicious with garlic bread and salad.

Quick and easy chicken liver pate

a very easy pate that's big on taste as opposed to those that boil the livers. great on crackers and especially in beef wellington!

Deep fried panko chicken livers

i just dreamed it up one day. it seems like panko bread crumbs make things better.

Chicken giblets or livers

giblets : the edible inner parts of poultry, including the gizzard, heart, liver and kidneys ....... this recipes was devised to use up all the giblets left over from home slaughtered chickens! you can...

Best chicken liver pate

this is so good!! your guests will love this.

Chicken liver stroganoff

i created this dish when my husband asked for some organic chicken livers and didn't want my usual way of making them. i met the challenge; he raved and i was pretty surprised myself at how delicious this...

Chicken liver pat with port wine and pistachios

very easy with a subtle taste of port! of course at the back of that cupboard near the stove you really need to keep a selection of liquors for cooking and baking! i confess that, not realising just how...

Chicken liver pate with sour cherries and sage toast

this is a great pate recipe! i have made it with dried cranberries and added 1/3 cup chopped pistachio nuts. yummy!

Pappardelle with chicken livers onions

this dish is awesome! it is comfort food (for me, at least), savory and not like all other pasta dishes. it is a combination of a couple of recipes - need i say that chicken livers are a favorite of mine....

Curried chicken livers

i finally measured everything so i could post this recipe that i made up over 10 years ago. i used to serve them with diced fried potatoes cooked in the same spices. might be weird but i like sour cream...

Triple treat appetizers

yet another recipe from better homes and gardens 'so good with fruit' cookbook. not a lot of people like chicken livers, but for those who do, here you go! preparation & cooking time does not include the...

Brandy cream chicken livers

i wanted a supper dish for chicken livers which was simple, comforting and would fill my dh up after a hard day's work. after first serving it up, he's declared it his favourite treatment of chicken livers...


easy to put together for a great party appetizer.

Pasta with chicken livers broccoli

many people have an aversion to liver because of its strong taste, but chicken liver is much more subtle than that of other animals. this recipe is an easy, lively and - i think - very tasty combination...

Bacon chicken liver pate

i have yet to try this recipe but it looked good and i wanted to keep it for later to use. i love chicken liver pate and bacon so this seemed perfect.

Chopped chicken liver spread

itzhak perlman praised this recipe as almost as good as his mother's.

Fantabulous rumaki with or without the livers

i wouldn't eat a chicken liver (ugh! chicken filters) if you paid me but i make these for company and get rave reviews every time. i make half with and half without the livers to suit my own taste. cooking...

Chicken liver pilaf

a very tasty pilaf to make on a day that you don't have much time to spend in the kitchen.

Sauteed chicken livers

chicken livers have always been a staple on my diet, from when i was a little girl.i have combined a few recipes with my own and i came up with this one. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do they are...

Chicken liver pate with green peppercorns and sherry

this recipe needs a small amount of preparation the day before. this recipe came from a friend who adapted it from a book called "salads and summer dishes". please make sure that you use green peppercorns...

Country chicken pt

from cooking light

Chicken liver curry

this is so delicious, even for those that don't like chicken livers (my mom who loves this) and the 'non-curry' set (me!) it's easy and quick to prepare and a nice change from the 'regular fare'.

Chicken livers with mushrooms

this should probably be called chicken livers and gravy as it forms a wonderful tasting gravy. i've had this recipe for years but don't remember where i got it. i'm posting the recipe as written and added...

Chicken liver pasti pt

a very tasty appetizer that goes over very well at any party. the liver taste is hidden by the onion and sherry. a swedish friend helped me to develop this recipe.

Chicken test

i like chicken

Kfc original recipe chicken livers copycat

my copycat recipe for kfc's bygone original recipe chicken livers. this recipe requires 1/2 level cup recipe #422315.

Chicken liver postej

yummy rustic chicken liver pate. serve warm with little cornichons and toasted bread and salad.

Pilaf with chicken livers

a turkish dish. my preference is to reduce the amounts of butter and salt from what is shown. please be warned that chicken livers have a taste that does not appeal to everybody.

Chicken liver pate a la jacques pepin

this method of preparing the pate is new to me but since i love chicken livers - we tried it anyway. we were very pleasantly surpirsed! served with pita chips, cocktail rye or any other crackers it is...

Tender baked chicken liver rumaki

this version of these popular little hors d'oeuvres was shared with me by chef claude of the pinetop country club chef, here in arizona. he bakes his rumaki which leaves them still soft and moist when...

Portuguese piri piri chicken livers

if you can get hold of piri piri seicana chillies replace the birds-eye chillies. we add 5-10 ml chillies but i suggest that you adjust to your taste.

Garlic chicken livers

we love chicken livers. this is a very good and easy recipe.

Chicken livers w caramelized onion and madeira

rich tasting caramelized onions combined with madeira makes a spectacular sauce for chicken livers. serve with rice or over toast so you don't miss a single drop. update: 06/22/09 - if the sauce is running...

Chicken livers marinara

the only kind of liver i can stomach, so i'm always on the lookout for new's one of them that i serve over cooked linguine with a tossed green salad!

Pan fried chicken livers

best comfort food and a great appetizer!

Chicken liver and bacon appetizer

an old favorite, sometimes called roumaki. from the united states regional cookbook, culinary arts institute of chicago, 1947.

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