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Saucy salisbury steak

this is one that pleases everyone, from gramps to kids.


now that i make these, i won't settle for the ones in the store. (i originally got this recipe from chef doozer, now that she is at zaar, it is sweet of her to review it for me!)

Crunchy strips

these are an addictive crunchy snack that are great with spicy mexican style soups. add more or less seasoning according to your tastes and preferences. you won't be able to stop eating them!

Coconut chutney

this chutney is nice and spicey. it adds wonderful flavor to any indian meal. i like to couple cocunut chutney with a nice tamarind chutney.

Dill sauce for fish

this sauce is fantastic on grilled salmon, or any fish for that matter. my friend even likes it on chicken! the ingredients sound a little unconventional -- but boy does it all work together. husband found...

Dry rub

dry rub for all meats and vegetables

Doggy relish

this is a variation on sabrett hot dogs that are enjoyed by thousands of new yorkers every day on almost every street corner, and by the tv character ben matlock. if you have ever seen the show, you'll...

Crabapple juice

this is a great replacement for cranberry juice. i use it in punches and to de-sweeten commerical juice. my mom has a great dark red crabapple tree in her yard so i always have an abundant supply.

Delicious red wine sauce

from a collection of my mother's recipe box. it can be used over meatballs or steak.

Choko pickles

this is a recipe i got from my grandmother who probably got it from her mother and so on. i have always love these pickles with corn meal, lamb chops and sausages. enjoy!

Spiced blueberry fool

may/june issue of organic style magazine features three beautiful fresh berry desserts, including this blueberry fool. (a fool is an english dessert that is made of sweetened, crushed fruit, folded into...

Creamy salsa

this is a very good and creamy salsa that my mom discovered. when i make it, i never seem to make enough. if you are a health nut, like all my recipes, please don't even look!!!!!!! ha ha

Coconut sugar syrup

i have seen alot of recipes on zaar using coconut syrup but the only recipes for the actual syrup are all milk based, this is a simple sugar one i came up with.

Coffee sauce

coffee, mmmmmm. very good with ice cream or on baked things. the chill time is included in the prep time.

Cranberry fruit jam

this doesn't use pectin. the recipe comes from ball canning products, and assumes you know and follow safe canning procedures.

Cilantro cream

found this recipe in one of my cruising cookbooks. it's a great garnish for hot chili . . such as my spicesea chili

Dried onion slices

i haven't tried these onions but they apparently make a nice garnish for salads, roasted meats and soups.

Decadent fettucine alfredo sauce

how can something so simple to prepare be so tasty? love this sauce on al dente fettucine noodles and french bread.

Cucumber ketchup

i haven't tried this yet, but am posting it here for safekeeping. i'm looking forward to trying it!

Dough enhancer

i kept reading about dough enhancer but couldn't find it in any of our stores. a dough enhancer is a powder that is supposed to make your dough smoother and is what commercial bakers often use to obtain...

Creamy mascarpone polenta with turkey bolognese a1

a.1. original sauce recipe contest entry. we had this incredible appetizer on vacation this summer that combined creamy polenta with a savory sauce. my husband didn't think he'd like it at all but loved...

Chorizo veggie version included

my husband came up with this recipe when i wouldn't let him buy the real thing anymore. it's very tasty and if you use ground pork is exactly like the stuff you buy at the grocery.

Cranberry ginger chutney

this is so delicious with turkey or pork. i strongly suggest to double or even triple the recipe. plan ahead, this needs to chill overnight before using. this can be prepared up to a week in advance. although...

Dewberry jelly

dewberries grow wild in my part of the country. they are very similar to blackberries, but larger and sweeter. this is the my dh's favorite jelly. you can use this same recipe using blackberries or...

Dragon bowl sauce

a famous vegetarian restaurant in vancouver (the naam) makes an amazing dragon bowl stir fry with loads of tofu and veg and an amazing sauce. i think there are lots of versions of the dish out there,...

Creamy sriracha dressing

use it on everything!

Dragon salt

this mixture is terrific as a dry rub for steaks, chicken, and pork chops, and even sprinkled on hot popcornm

Chocolate irish cream fondue

i found this online and thought it sounded nice 8)

Christmas time jam

i created this last year. the cranberries were abundant and particularly good. the oj and spices make this a wonderful spread on toast, english muffins or even meats.

Cottage dip

nice 'warm' dip to serve along with dry biscuits or personally i served on top of some puppodums.

Tabbouleh a la paula wolfert

the spices make this version of the lebanese salad special--and it's important to use good olive oil and lots of fresh lemon juice. prep time does not include overnight soaking of the bulgur and herb...

Zip sauce

this is the real deal. i don't know where the other people get their recipes from but the real zip sauce doesn't have all those herbs. my father-in-law used to play poker with the owner of one of the...

Dylan tomatilla and zucchini salsa

this is not salsa verde – no, this is a light, very chunky and unique salsa that the “healthy gals” (joggers) in my neighborhood wait for each year. the first time i made it, i was looking for a...

Corn cob butter

taken from a 1999 mag in a doctor's waiting room ! i personally think you need to double this recipe !!

Christmas butter

serve it with yeast cake, it is so fine!

Cuban mojo

refered to as cuba's barbecue sauce, it's more of a garlic/cumin vinaigrette flavored with sour orange juice that is splashed on just about everything-it is delish! if you have a sour orange source-lucky...

Dipping sauce

serve this sauce along side your buffalo style chicken wings.


an aromatic persian spice blend which is good added to stews and pulses. this recipe is from " a taste of persia" by najmieh batmanglij. the author suggests adding the rose petals to the ground spices....


recipe from island for cuba

Diablo butter

flavoured butters captured my attention during zwt (along w/many other zwt players), so here's another for all of us to try. my source here is the alaska seafood marketing institute. this butter was suggested...

Doughnut glaze

i got this recipe from a friend. i have not made it yet, but have eaten her doughnuts with it on them--yum! i plan to use it the next time i make doughnuts.

Chow chow

we grew a ton of tomatoes this last season. there were still blooms on the plants in november when we got our first frost. but andy was on top of things and ran outside and plucked off all the remaining...

Creamy mango salsa

this recipe was found in the june 2009 best recipes cookbook(let), summer salads & sandwiches.

Creamy dill sauce

yummy on fish or veggies! found on what's cooking america and adapted to fit my family's tastes. very indicative of scandinavian and some europian food as well as the areas that have been influenced by...

Double cream

rosie lee's was a tea-house opposite the university of ottawa. atleast once a week, 'the girls' would all troop over there at around 4 and have a proper 'cream tea'. scones dolloped with double cream and...

Creole spice mix

base creole seasoning mix - good to give away as a gift.

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