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an easy and tasty lentil recipe. cheap and quick! it's quite hot so i like it served with rice and a green vegetable.

Curried garbanzo beans chickpeas

this is quick and easy because it uses canned garbanzos (chickpeas). serve with hot basmati rice and naan bread.

Easy beef curry

the beef curry i make is kind of a mix between indian curry and thai curry. it sounds a little odd, but we absolutely love it! it reheats well, too, and it can be made ahead and kept hot in a crock pot....

Curried meatballs

i was given this recipe by a co-worker of mine who grew up in south africa. it is from "everyday cape malay cooking" by zainab legardien. i have modified the recipe to either be more in line with our...

Easy chicken tikka masala

this is a classic dish, with wonderful flavor. if you don't have the whole spices, you can easily substitute ground/dried - 1 tbsp whole = 1 tsp ground/dried. lovely served over rice (we always use basmati)...

Crock pot golden chicken curry

my version of an island favorite.

Easy chickpea curry

this is a south-indian recipe. it goes great with plain white or brown rice.

Cod curry

another way to prepare cod. while the meal is simmering on the stove, you are free to entertain your guests.

Chole masala

its very tasty

Coconut channa dal

posted in response to a request. channa dal, also called bengal gram dal, is related to chickpeas, but is smaller and split. it has a sweet, nutty flavour, and a low glycemic index. looking just like...


a traditional ethiopian/eritrean dish. very hot, so be prepared. if you're used to hot curries, you'll love it! berbere pepper is a spice mix of mostly paprika and chili with some other spices (recipe...


i found this on another site and have yet to try it out. the cooking time is actually the draining time.

Curried cauliflower and chickpeas

this recipe was originally shown on a food 911 episode on food network. i have modified the recipe to use easy-to-find ingredients. this is even better the next day.

Curried kumera

another alison holst recipe which i'm posting for zwt. i haven't made this yet, but i intend to make it very soon.

Brazilian chicken curry

picked up this recipe from womansday. the perfect mix of curry chicken and fresh vegetables made easy in your sow cooker. we made this and it tasted great the day we made it and absolutely amazing the...

Potato and plantain curry

this is a medium to spicy green vegetarian curry. you can adjust spice by adding or subtracting chillies to puree. goes well with rice and naan.

Duck curry

pretty quick to prepare and cook. delicious!

Colourful minced mutton rangeela kheema

this week's winning recipe from the thursday magazine is here! this was submitted by sana shafi wagle.

Dajaj salona

from ya salam cooking blog for name game oman a chicken curry dish with pumpkin potatoes and lots of other veggies , i think you would not need to add chicken if you are not a meat eater or need something...

Curried chicken with lentils

i came up with this to use up some ingredients i had on hand. it's sort of like a dahl, but with chicken and a few other untraditional ingredients. serve over rice, or just eat with naan or a piece...

Craz e curry

bright and colourful, this delicious asian-style curry (notice the very loose use of 'asian' here ) is both delicious and healthful and makes good use of craz-e contest ingredients! there is a bit of...

Coconut curry

sweet and spicy. my version of curry.

Curried shrimp spread

shrimp spread with a spicy tropical feel !!!!

Creamy chickpea curry

this dish goes together very quickly. you will have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. if you don't have cooked rice, start it before you make the curry and they should be finished at the same...

Curry coconut chicken

i've had a similar dish in a korean restaurant, and have been trying to duplicate the recipe. the secret is the sugar! i bought some curry on ebay, so i don't know how good this would be with regular store...

Crab curry

a quick, easy meal with lots of flavor. was served this at a friend's house when we were a guest there. feel free to increase the curry powder if you like it hotter. this is very mild curry. you can also...

Curried rice noodles

indian curry spices mixed with asian noodles and sauce create a colorful, exotic noodle saute that is quick to make. from the moosewood low fat favorites cookbook. if rice noodles are unavailable, use...

Easy aloo dum

a friend shared this recipe with me, and it's really great. easy to do and the best part- no onions to chop or become teary-eyed over. nice change from the norm. serve as a main dish with rotis or rice...

Curry daal

this recipe has spinach, black mustard, tomatoes, and green chilies.

Curry devil

chilli lovers will die for this dish! it is a very traditional singaporean dish. traditionally, it is called devil cos it is so so so hot and spicy. i am warning ya...spicy...try it if you dare. sue l,...

East african curry

recipe from rose j.

Country captain for the slow cooker

this is the only recipe for country captain i've ever been truly happy's for the slow-cooker, but there is more prep time to it than usual crockpot recipes. if you wish to make this, though, please...

Curried celery

this can be a hot vegetable course or a cold chutney!! good with chicken, pork and shrimp. excellent the following day with cold meats.

Cream curry chicken

my husband got this recipe from the phil donahue show years ago. it has become a great dish to serve for company because it's relatively quick to make and delicious to eat.

Coconut curried chicken

thai flavor chicken. you can serve it with your favorite white or jasmin rice, or even with couscous.

Curry chicken pasta salad

another great recipe from penzey's spices. prep time includes refrigeration time.

Curry lo mein

this recipe makes me very nostalgic, as it is the one that made me fall in love with cooking when i was in college. all it took was the smell of the mushrooms and garlic sauteeing and i was hooked! this...

Curried mussels

this classic mussel recipe is adapted from jubilee restaurant in ny city where it is served with amazing frites. i found this in dan's papers, july, 13, 2007, in silvia lehrer's column.

Couscous with chicken

couscous is small grains made of semolina, wheat flour, salt and water. its origin is northern african. couscous grains are delicate requires only lightly steaming. i was introduced to couscous when i...

Crock pot indonesian style country ribs

easy to put together in the crock and go. goes great with steamed jasmine rice and fresh pineapple and stir-fried veggies cooked with a little bit of the sauce from the ribs (i had some mushrooms and snow...

Dhall lentil tomato curry

australian woman's weekly dinner party cookbook.

Curried red kidney beans and cauliflower rajma masala

red kidney beans are very nutritious. they are, however, harder to digest than other beans, which is why they're traditionally cooked with seasonings that help break them down, such as ginger. use spices...

Curried turkey strips

a recipe i threw together when nothing else seemed tasty that night. turned out quite delicious! serve with a curry yogurt dip...

Creamy prawn curry

from cook book "the food of the world"

Dhaniwal korma

the recipe came from one of madhur jaffrey's cookbooks and is served at dawat, a restaurant she co-owns, in new york city.

Curried cauliflower and potatoes

this is a simple vegetarian curry dish that you can make as spicy or as mild as you like. please feel free to experiment with the spices, or try different types curry powders to suit your taste.

Curried pork banana casserole

another of grandma's recipes that i changed slightly. this is an interesting casserole, that tastes great. going to grandma's was always a taste experience for us kids.

Crockpot brazilian chicken curry paleo

adapted from a recipe on different than other similar recipes on zaar b/c this one is lower in carbs, higher in good fat -- no potatoes.

Aurora curry

when i was little, we had an indian exchange student staying with us, so at a young age, i developed a taste for curry. as i got older, i learned a few recipes from british friends, based on the british...

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