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Coriander parsley pesto

use on pasta or on anything you would use basil pesto on. if you add some sour cream and you can turn this into dip.

Mexican mocha spice mix

great cocoa mixture for a cold winter day.

Chinese five spice powder

you can purchase this powder premade in the grocery store, but making your own makes for a better flavor.

Colombo curry powder

carribbean curry powder is pungent and aromatic. making your own gives you control to adjust amounts to your own liking. from all around the world cookbook by sheila lukins

Citrus herb seasoning salt

from issue 88 of "everyday food" by martha stewart comes this recipe

Smoky cajun spice mix

i like this spice mixture because it has ancho pepper and cumin in it, which adds a nice, smoky flavor.

Red pincho seasoning

a spanish seasoning, used in dishes like patatas bravas. use as a rub on pork or chicken.

Salt free blackened seasoning

enjoy the flavor of blackened seasoned food without all the salt.

Pub mustard

this is an easy-to-prepare british condiment that is good with hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, cold cuts, or as an accompaniment to cheese. use it in any recipe that calls for prepared mustard.

Nigerian peppersoup seasoning substitute

peppersoup seasoning is a spice blend used in many nigerian soups and stews (not just pepper soup). most of its components are difficult to find outside of africa, although prepackage blends can be bought...

The pepper garlic grind

this works so well on so many things. use it like you would pepper, the added garlic & onion gives everything an extra flavor kick. even cottage cheese is a bit --perkier-- with this grind! :) the crushed...

Electric chimichurri sauce

inspired by a sauce recipe taken from cuisine at home magazine, this robust and pungent chimichurri is great with anything cooked on the grill. the electric green color radiates and is an appropriate...

Baking powder

this was in a united emire loyalist cookbook with a note that it was originally from a 20th century cookbook from 1906. it is much more powerful than any you buy. good in a pinch if you are out and happen...

Bulk kfc original recipe seasoning copycat

my reverse-engineered recipe for replicating kfc's 'original recipe' chicken breading seasoning. yields enough seasoning for 6 batches fried chicken or 12 batches recipe #485514. mix 1/2 level cup of this...

Creole seasoning mix in a jar

this recipe was found on the net. original poster is lort.

Buffalo chicken wings with a blue cheese dip

a favourite appetizer, be a devil and use lotsa spice, the dip cools the wings down! prep time includes marinading.

Baby bam

emeril lagasse's bam recipe for kids. he tells the fearless "bammers" to kick it up a notch by adding 1/4 teaspoon cayenne (or more to taste) to the mix. you can sprinkle this on lots of dishes or add...

No salt chili powder

this is one of several "spice mixes" that i've used for years. i prefer it to commercial chili powder because it is salt-free. you can adjust the "heat" to your liking by adding more or less cayenne pepper...

Nutty herb rice seasoning mix

this makes a great gift with the instructions for making a delicious rice side dish. it has good flavor and easy to do. just mix up a batch and put it in a sealed plastic container for your own use....

Caribbean style catfish

caution: this recipe includes almonds; anyone with a nut intolerance should eliminate this product entirely from the recipe. farm-raised catfish is reported to be naturally low in overall fat and high...

Chili powder

yes, it's copycat, but it's dirt cheap and has only 4 mg. sodium per tablespoon

Basil and chilli stir fry paste

heaps cheaper than commercially made product. can be used with meat and/or vegetables.

British apple pie spice mix

great for apple pies.found this on a romanian website.all spices should be freshly ground.

Ramen noodle chicken seasoning packet substitute

this has got to be better than the mystery packet that's in the noodle pkg. so i will give it a try, using salt-free bouilion powder in place of the cube.

Canadian steak rub

this is great on bbq'ed or broiled steak.

Piri piri or peri peri spice mix

entered for safe-keeping. from june 2012 vegetarian times. in spain and portugal, piri-piri or peri-peri are used as generic terms for hot sauces and chili powders used for barbecue. this recipe is smoky...

Saudi kabsa spice mix

whole spices make it much more aromatic and flavourful so that is what i recommend using. this is my addaption of a recipe found on

Savory steak rub

speaks for itself

Garam masala spice blend

recipe is from all recipes

Curry masala use to make curry paste

a blend of spices to store and use to make a curry paste for a variety of curries.

Lazy garam masala

i use this for chai tea and just about anything other sweet dessert. there is no cardamom due to my allergy.

Seafood seasoning mix

from "new orleans classic seafood" by kit wohl via the times-picayune.

Dry rub for fish

this is my husband's recipe. it's also good on chicken,

Old english spiced and fruited sugar for apple pies etc

an easy spiced and fruited sugar, which really adds a "zing" to your apple pies, apple crumbles, cake toppings, baked desserts etc. this spiced sugar mix is based on a 400-year-old english recipe. spiced...

Baharat aka middle east mixed spices the real mix

for anyone who desires an authentic taste of the mid east. this recipe was learned by watching a good friend of mine in jordan when she was grinding her family's monthly supply.

Scottish mixed spice

this spice mix is used in baking cakes and breads. i like it sprinkled into my oatmeal.

Saucy baked chicken breasts

prepare the day before, then bake before serving. very good!

Old bay seasoning copycat

my reverse-engineered recipe for old bay seasoning is an authentic blend of 17 savory herbs and spices.

Classic arabian kabsa spice mix from the spice route

this is just one variation of the classic arabian spice mix which is used in the ancient saudi arabian dish called al kabsa or al kabsah; a chicken and rice dish which is fragrant and lightly spiced -...

Panch phoron indian spice seed mixture

panch phoron is a five-seed mixture from bengal, india, a region famous for its distinctive cuisine. panch phoron is most common in northern india, where the majority of seed spices are grown. grind coarsely...

Lone star dry rub

this recipe is adapted from texas home cooking by cheryl and bill jamison. think of a dry rub as the dry form of a marinade, and the ingredients are not set in stone. change them to suit your tastes and...

Cajun blackening spices

i make half the recipe below that so the mix will be fresher as we don't use it too often. the original yield is a little more than 3 1/4 cups. recipe is courtesy of

All purpose barbecue rub

i like this recipe because it is a very adaptable one. ingredients can be added or changed a bit to suit your own personal taste. the recipe came from website.

Peruvian garlic chicken

how about something hot and spicy for dinner tonight? serve this with boiled potatoes.

Copycat montreal steak seasoning blend

a copycat recipe, posted by request.


my brother owns a japanese resturant in kc and he gave me a bottle of nanami togarashi. so reading up on it on the web i found a recipe to make your own. from the honolulu advertiser. this is from the...

Okie bbq rub

my daughter and son-in-law use this for everything, they even put it in their green beans.

Cocoa chili rub

wake up pork with this adventurous blend of cocoa and chili! just the right amount of heat, the right amount of sweet, and a rich infusion of chocolate. go on, you know you want to see what the fuss is...

Strawberry basil mojito

we're right in the middle of bountiful strawberry season. we eat strawberries on everything in the summer, don't you? did you know that most strawberry farmers have to use organic growing conditions...

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