Top recipes for "High-fiber"

Creole blackening rub

piercing holes in the meat makes the flavour better.

Sprouted mung bean salad

from the show the best of food trends, this recipe is courtesy of sophia wakefield, harvest bakery and cafe, jackson hole, wy. a delish way to eat mung beans! and healthy too!

Garam masala spice blend

recipe is from all recipes

Lone star dry rub

this recipe is adapted from texas home cooking by cheryl and bill jamison. think of a dry rub as the dry form of a marinade, and the ingredients are not set in stone. change them to suit your tastes and...

Cajun blackening spices

i make half the recipe below that so the mix will be fresher as we don't use it too often. the original yield is a little more than 3 1/4 cups. recipe is courtesy of

Scottish mixed spice

this spice mix is used in baking cakes and breads. i like it sprinkled into my oatmeal.

Savory blackening rub for fish and poultry

a quick blackening rub to add some flavor to fish and poultry.

Rustic spice rub bulk

this is a rub recipe that i have been using the last few years for all types of meats. this is just a basic recipe. it can be easily adjusted to your own taste (start with the lower amounts of each ingredient...

Creamed potatoes as taught to me by my uncle

my mother had made creamed potatoes all my life and i loved them so much. that particular day i was so proud of making them all by myself (with a few suggestions from my uncle), that until this day i still...

Gulf spices ibzar

from: "classic vegetarian cooking from the middle east & north africa" by habeeb salloum. arabian gulf

Homemade italian seasoning

use up all those herbs that are hanging out on your spice rack!

Homemade chili powder

this homemade chili powder is much fresher than what you get in the store (unless you live in new mexico or mexico). at my house, this chili powder would only make enough to put in one batch of chili!

Salt free herbal seasoning

use with fish, poultry, pork, vegetables & potatoes

Pasta soup mix

pea pod appetizer broth, indonesian style chicken chowder, pepperoni and vegetable soup

Harissa paste

harissa is a common ingredient in north african recipes. didn't see a recipe for it here so i'm sharing one i found somewhere.

Eritrean berbere red pepper spice mixture

this is an easy variation of a staple of eritrean cooking. this one uses dry spices, whereas the "real deal" is made by drying ,roasting, pounding and grinding. for the ground chili, use dried (preferably...

Rick rodgers cajun seasoning

i occasionally come across recipes calling for cajun seasoning. i've tried many different recipes for it, but most used way too much black and/or white pepper for our tastes. i tried this one and we...

Heavenly pumpkin pie spice

this mix comes closest to my favourite store-bought pumpkin pie spice. because i like to use it so often, i buy the individual spices in the bulk food section, then mix up a jar of it. its less expensive...

Holiday spice rub for poultry

a fragrant rub for the holidays. use as a dry rub with poultry.

Clean eating ras el hanout moroccan spice mix

entered for safe-keeping. from clean eating, may/june 2009. this will keep for up to a year.

Angel dust southwestern spice mix rub

use on grilled corn, burgers, ribs, steaks, popcorn, chicken, pork, southwestern rice or recipes calling for chipotle spice mix. fill small jars and tie with rafia as gifts.

Roasted pecan clusters

easy, easy recipe! but don't skip the first step....toasting the pecans before adding the chocolate is what makes this recipe! from southern living october 1985 magazine.

Levantine pepper rub

this is a famous levantine recipe for a pepper and spice rub. use it for legumes, eggplant recipes, but also for beef stew. cooking time and preparation time are a guess.

Pizza seasoning

a dry mix that kicks pizza up a notch. for the dried lemon zest, see recipe #462025. i would imagine it a good topping for yeast rolls, too.

Ras el hanout spice mix

ras el hanout is a north african spice and it's name translates loosely to "house blend". it can contain as many as 50 ingredients including rosebuds and spanish fly. this is a simple mix i'm submitting...

Unsweetened baking chocolate substitute

ever had a recipe that called for unsweetened chocolate and you were out or didn't have enough? here's the solution! i've used this several times in various recipes and the results were perfect.

Herbal salt substitute

this comes from light and tasty magazine.

Pumpkin spice

if you run out of pumpkin spice -- no need to fear -- make your own!

Mental with lentil lentil side dish

a side dish that i adore. replace fatty, starchy mashed potatoes. be down with buttered down corn load up on protein, essential fiber, and cut the fat!

Quick garam masala

a quick and easy method for making the classic spice mix. i have often used this when i was in a hurry, and didn't have time to grind my spices.

Fiber one chocolate haystacks

haven't tried this. came from a weight watchers message board. number of servings is a guess.

Quatre epices four spices gascon

quatre epices comes in many versions. this combination--with pepper, without allspice or coriander, is typical of gascogny and is used in many dishes, especially in confit. i like to use whole spices...

Spice mix for kazakh and uzbek recipes

i spent two months in kazakhstan living with an uzbek family. following are some of the recipes i picked up there. i wasn't always sure what spices were being used, so i'm using this afghan spice mix which...

Simple dry spice barbecue rub

this is just a simple rub but it produces tons of flavor! give it a try on beef, pork, chicken or fish, at your next bbq, you will really like it! if you don't use all of it, store it tightly covered...

Holy cow dry rub for beef hot

enhances the flavor of all types of beef. from the cookbook "peace, love and barbeque", a great read i highly recommend.

Taco seasoning budget friendly seasoning for tacos burritos

try this seasoning instead of using the packets of taco seasoning. makes a great gift too! this not only saves you money it tastes better too! you control the amounts- feel free to adjust to fit your...

Cinnamon hot cocoa

a wonderful winter drink. very simple but very delicious!

Middle eastern spread with lentils peas

this is a high protein veggie dish that is perfect for pita points

Five spice mix

make your own 5 spice mix

Easy homemade taco seasoning

easy fix for those who can't or don't like the store bought pack

Quatre pices four spices

based on a recipe from simply french, the cookbook where patricia wells presents the cuisine of joël robuchon. per the introduction, “quatre épices, literally 'four spices,' is a classic french mixture...

Pizza spice blend

this is great on pizza! use this to dress up your bland frozen pizza.

Chipotle pepper puree

chipotle peppers are jalapeno chilies that have been smoked and dried. their smoky heat is delicious brushed over tortillas and pizzas, and carefully added to soup and stews. a little will go a long way....

Dry rub for roast turkey

this is something my husband put together one thanksgiving.

Lentils garlic and tomatoes

i make this as a side with grilled chicken, a main dish for my vegetarian.

Beau monde seasoning clone recipe

this seasoning mix is no longer made-hope this helps you out.

Salt free taco seasoning

under 30mg sodium per teaspoon. salt-free alternative to the envelope mix. good for seasoning taco meat, burrito meat, meat loaf. also good sprinkled over cottage cheese, or mixed into sour cream for a...

Cajun blackening dry rub

i found this recipe in cooking light annual recipes 2008. it's being posted for zwt. you can use this rub on white-fleshed fish fillets such as catfish or snapper, chicken breasts, shrimp, sprinkled on...

Tabil tunisian spice mix

posted for the zaar world tour-africa! tabil is said to have been brought to tunisia in 1492. tabil(pronounced table) means seasoning in tunisian. in africa, tabil is pounded in a mortar and then dried...

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