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Clam chowder pie

i got this recipe from a bh&g casseroles cookbook. it is so yummy.

Decadent fettucine alfredo sauce

how can something so simple to prepare be so tasty? love this sauce on al dente fettucine noodles and french bread.


my friend rachel was visiting from israel last week and made a delicious pashtida for us. unfortunately, she left before i could get her recipe, though i will try to track it down. while looking for...

Dragon bowl sauce

a famous vegetarian restaurant in vancouver (the naam) makes an amazing dragon bowl stir fry with loads of tofu and veg and an amazing sauce. i think there are lots of versions of the dish out there,...

Mexican chicken with potatoes

go mexican with this speedy supper. and it's filling so perfect for feeding the whole family. serve with chopped coriander, sour cream and corn tortillas.

Zip sauce

this is the real deal. i don't know where the other people get their recipes from but the real zip sauce doesn't have all those herbs. my father-in-law used to play poker with the owner of one of the...

Polenta with butternut squash

butternut squash adds a lot of flavor and color. serve topped with wild mushroom cream sauce or sausage apple saute.

Dylan tomatilla and zucchini salsa

this is not salsa verde – no, this is a light, very chunky and unique salsa that the “healthy gals” (joggers) in my neighborhood wait for each year. the first time i made it, i was looking for a...

Crab spaghetti

fast, fishy and fabulous, this easy to cook supper is an absolute delight.

Corn and crab salad

corn salad has become very popular for last years. it is very easy to make, will bring pleasure to you and your kids as well.

Cowboy burgers

this recipe is from kraft.

Parmesan sage baked pork chops

savory, crunchy and so juicy! these are a favorite around our house. my husband loves them with parmesan garlic mashed potatos. this recipe is based on one from feb. 2001 bon appetit, although i simplified...

Creole mustard pork fingers

this is from justin wilson's "easy cookin" cookbook. i haven't made it yet, but had to save it because i haven't seen anything like this before. i don't have a clue to the cooking time, so i just entered...

Dipping sauce

serve this sauce along side your buffalo style chicken wings.

Crab frittata

yet another way to make use of those big blue crabs we are catching. 1 crab gave us 1 cup of beautiful meat for this.i can't do what i suggest in the last step as i don't have a griller (broiler) so i...

Colorado pie

this is my adopted recipe and i haven't made it yet. this main dish pie is a family favourite from the more-with-less cookbook. make 2 pies and freeze one for a busy weeknight.

Diablo butter

flavoured butters captured my attention during zwt (along w/many other zwt players), so here's another for all of us to try. my source here is the alaska seafood marketing institute. this butter was suggested...

Cobb salad sandwiches

these are yummy sandwiches.

Creole hollandaise sauce

oh wow! while looking for recipes for my cajun/creole cookbook for zwt9, i found this. shamelessly swiped from, i edited it ever so slightly to how i've made hollandaise since i was 15....

Crustless crab quiche

i just threw this together and it was delicious! i made it in a muffin tray for individual servings. i am sure it would be just great in a pie dish also.

Cuban chicken

from mom's test kitchen blog --

Sushi salad

great side dish for sushi lovers! low fat, low calorie salad that goes with anything. try it out you will be bound to fall in love with it.

Herb lentils and rice

this was the featured recipe in an email this morning from the best of spark people. listed at website. submitted by lillake. "a tasty non-meat way to get some extra protein in...

Cuban black beans ii

a cuban lady down the street made these every wednesday...wonderful stuff! she served the beans over a bowl of hot rice, and garnished them with salsa, a little sour cream, and shredded cheese. it was...

Corn couscous

my children are complete couscous addicts,and this is one of their favourites!

Columbian gone in a flash potato and cheese bread for abm

entered for safe-keeping, from "the best bread machine cookbook ever: ethnic breads" by madge rosenberg. better get a taste first, or this bread will disappear in a flash. no filling or spread is needed...

Beef chop suey

easy to make, and also very adaptable. chop suey is the classic chinese-american dish. this one's mainly a vegetable dish with beef added for extra flavor.

Creamy chickpea curry

this dish goes together very quickly. you will have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. if you don't have cooked rice, start it before you make the curry and they should be finished at the same...

Creamed cucumber

from my high school home economics book, i'd never heard of using cucumber in a cooked dish and my garden is going crazy at the moment with them so thought i'd give it a go. i think it's supposed to be...

Creole mustard

this is in response to a request from the boards. you could use this on your sandwiches or spread on chicken or roasted pork. any time you need some creole style mustard and don't have any on hand.

Cheesy goodness garlic bread

this is great with any italian dish or just as a snack or appetizer. i came up with this after looking for something different than plain garlic bread. everyone loved it, so i figured i would post it!

Cod with honey glazed onions

for a simple but effective way of serving a very popular fish, try this rich and tasty cod dish.

Guinness and sheep casserole

so sorry, bo peep. i found your lost sheep. and would ya just look at what i did with them!

Artichoke and broccoli frittata crustless quiche

a frittata (also known as crustless quiche) is a perfect palette for colorful vegetables and strongly flavored cheeses. what i love about frittatas is that they are one of the few egg dishes that are delicious...

Creamy mushroom artichoke sauce

i serve this sauce over breaded chicken, pork or veal cutlets. from southern living, 12/05

Creamy alfredo sauce

this sauce is rich and creamy and excellent on buttered noodles. this was passed down from my grandmother and i hope you enjoy.

Cornbread spicy sausage stuffing dressing

sausage loaded dressing. recipe #407287 was used to flavor the stuffing but your favored poultry seasoning will work fine. this makes enough to stuff the bird and have a casserole for crisper dressing....

Easy chicken gravy

great for when you need a quick gravy and don't have any drippings. for thicker gravy just add a bit more bisquick or less broth. you may also use your own favorite seasoning in place of the poultry...

Dandelion pasta

dandelion are a diuretic as parsley is so eat this food sparingly. they are good sources of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamins a and c. you can store buy or pick your own. choosing tender leaves...

Coca cola ribs

this is a peppery southwestern-inspired spice rub and with a sweet and tangy glaze. recipe is from woman's world.

Creamed leeks

a creamy flavoursome side-dish which allows leeks and onions to really star, but which also includes thyme, nutmeg and black pepper, wine and several different cheeses. i've included feta here as it...

Mexican bean hotpot

a hearty mexican vegetable dish made with red kidney beans. to vary the dish, vary the beans. and to make it vegetarian, omit the bacon or replace it with vegetarian sausage. i have posted this recipe,...

Easy baked crab dip

you can also make this using cooked shrimp in place of crab and also imitation crab can be use for this, but the real crab is of coarse much better! this dip is best served with ritz crackers. your guests...

Dandelion casserole

it seems like a lot of greens but they cook down to almost nothing.and if you want you can replace the dandelion with spinach. i use hot sausage which gives this a real kick, but if you rather go for mild...

Dajaj ma jawz

a nice chicken and walnut dish from arabia. (i increased the spices and that made it more appealing to me, at least)

Sharp dark mustard

this is exactly what the title says a sharp dark mustard. i like this on hotdogs or hamburgers. good keeper

Artisan sourdough garlic bread

i love to buy the garlic bread with the whole cloves of garlic from costco, however i can't always get there when i want. i fiddled around a little and this one is pretty close, you do have to plan ahead...

Easy chicken pot pie pies

comfort food all the way and a pleasant surprise for the family to boot. these pot pies will satisfy a "man-sized" appetite. i was astounded as to how nice they turn out!

Crock pot savory pork roast

i make this all the time. it smells wonderful as it cooks all day. my family loves it. it's even better the next day. we usually don't have any leftovers or very little.

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