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Baba gannoujh middle eastern eggplant spread

this is a delicious and very simple recipe if prepared in a food processor or blender. a wonderful spread to serve with pita bread, kalamata olives, feta, and tomatoes. this recipe calls for japanese eggplant,...

Country pate

my husband loves braunschweiger--this is one of his favorite ways to eat it.

Cow pie

this is an old recipe that was handed down to me from an old friend some 25 years family always ask for this and i am putting here for safe keeping.

Crab spread delicious

awesome spread/dip for guests!

Crab butter

this is a quick and easy spread. make up to 2 days before needed. i got this recipe from my sister. where she found it, i don't know. i make this recipe for parties, family gatherings, and picnics.

Simply sardine pate

who would have thought that sardines could be so addictive. i have to confess that when my friend served this at her party i ate half of the pate before anyone else found it.

Crabmeat au gratin

i got this recipe from a friend in my recipe club. it was such a hit with my family that i served it for company with rave reviews. my usually finicky son could not get enough of it. everyone wanted the...

Divine meatball sandwiches

the spread on these meatball sandwiches is what really sets them apart from others. you can experiment and customize by using your favorite meatballs, sauces and fresh bread. good for a party finger food,...

Crab ball hors d oeuvre

i first served this at a christmas party back in 1979. it's quick and easy and is delicious! originally clipped from a magazine.

Crunchy parsley pesto

that's the way my mom does it. yummy!

Crock pot reuben spread

just like its namesake, the reuben sandwich. this is so good and a hit when you need an unusual appetizer. people are always surprised when they take that first bite. i think it came from the taste of...


this french canadian recipe is posted by request. the lumber jacks used to take this with them into the woods.

Curried shrimp spread

shrimp spread with a spicy tropical feel !!!!

Dilly dip

christmas holiday

Crab cheese ball

this is a favorite over the holidays and i make it for all the parties we go to. it's easy to make and tastes great.

Jims dip

old family recipe

Crab spread or dip

there are thousands of recipes for crab spreads, but this recipe is for people like me that can't eat hot stuff. you can use real lump crabmeat, which will be even better. the directions do not reflect...

Deli cracker dip

simple and quick to make, delicious to the tastebuds--what more do you need? kids love this stuff, so do adults. excellent for a substantial snack after school, tailgate party, picnic, appetizer at...

Cucumber shrimp spread

a great appetizer...from my collection of recipes.

Dried fruit chutney

a plain chutney that goes well as a condiment or even spread on bread or toast

Cranberry pear and ginger relish

very flavorful and low fat.

Confetti goat cheese spread

snappy radishes, red onion, and cooling cucumbers cut into tiny squares make the colorful and crunchy confetti in this creamy, herbed cheese spread. this comes from country living magazine.

Grape paste

a nice treat with a cheese platter instead of quince paste.

Creamy pistachio salmon pate

this a wonderful party appetizer served with crackers or slices of baguette, but the leftovers are terrific with toasted bagels for breakfast.

Creamy butter bean dip

a lovely creamy, tasty healthy dip. use simply as a dip or goes really well on bruschetta or in hot pitta bread with grated carrot. delicious & healthy.

Dried beef and horseradish dip

this dip is super easy to make, and is great with veggies, beer bread, crackers, or on sandwiches. you can make it up to a couple days in advance.

Cranberry spread

i found this on the inside label of a can of cranberry sauce. i just had it for lunch on a turkey sandwich. wow - it was delicious. you can also use this to baste any type of poultry.

Chunky herring spread

a traditional item on the norwegian smorgasbord-type meal we always have on the 25th of december, which here, is called

Dilly cheese cubes

these yummy finger-food appetizers make a great late night snack or fun dinnertime accompaniment.

Danish blue cheese pimento spread

the everything nordic cookbook included this wonderful sounding spread. i love blue cheese of any variety and intend to spread this on some dark rye bread!

Crock pot roasted garlic

this is a great method for roasting garlic, so it can be ready when you start cooking in the evening. i've even done it overnight and started cooking in the morning. roasted garlic goes great with mashed...

Cilantro jalapeno hummus

a wonderful combination of flavors. this is always a huge hit at parties.

Serrano salsa

wonderful topping for tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc., etc.

Cottage cheese and vegetable spread

this spread is great in pita pockets and is also yummy in a good whole grain bread. i got this from vegetarian times cookbook. a little spanish influence, a little indian and some southwest!

Crab snacks

my mom makes these every year at christmas time! yummy! she got the recipe from one of her dear friends barbara radant and it can also be found in the southern living annual recipes 1983. these are excellent...

Chopped liver italian style fegato alle uova sode

adapted from cucina ebraica, flavors of the italian jewish kitchen, by joice goldstein. although this spread resembles the traditional jewish american chopped chicken liver found in delis, it includes...

Cucumber spread

a nice, cool spring and summer spread. great for teas and lazy afternoons.

Cream cheese log

an easy tasty change from a cheese ball.

Curried cheese and olive toasts

a quick and cheesy appy. from 1st travelers choice cookbook

Confetti tea sandwich spread

this spread is an old standby for church "eatin' meetings" or showers. fresh veggies give it the wonderful crunch! i've used every bread imaginable to make the sandwiches, including raisin bread. ...

Zippy sausage spread

set this out with an assortment of crackers.

Cream cheese olive dip

this recipe sounds weird but if u like olives you'll love this. eat it on chips, pretzels,or even as a sandwich spread.

Crock pot reuben dip

i found this recipe just in time for superbowl!

Chicken liver pate

elegant, easy appetizer.

Curried snowball

my friend made this for a wedding shower and i liked it so much, i went out and bought the cookbook where she found it, stop and smell the rosemary-houston junior league. the presentation is really's...

Crab rockefeller

quick and easy appetizer that is sure to be a hit. haven't tried this yet but sounds delicious.

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